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Surrendered Intercession

Testimony from the Welsh Revival

“Every church was stirred to its depth. Strong men were in tears of penitence, and women moved with a new fervor. People were overpowered by the Spirit as on the day of Pentecost, and were counted as drunken men. In the services they were praying, singing and testifying. It was a church revival, turning Christians everywhere into witnesses: ‘Certainly we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.’” (Rees Howells Intercessor, Norman Grubb)

It was said that the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit was acknowledged. But often they had to pray out hindrances to move into the blessing of His manifested move and power. The two most consistent hindrances being disobedience and unforgiving hearts. But when obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit was welcomed and the open and spoken confessions of Christ released, His blessings would come. Hymns were sung in one accord without a leader, but those in attendance could feel an unseen control leading them corporately. Noise and excitement was evident as they gathered, but it was due to the fact that people were being set free from bondages. When some complained, one old preacher replied with a comment that I so love to read again and again, “I prefer the noise of the city to the silence of the cemetery!” (Rees Howells Intercessors, Norman Grubb).

The Revival proved what the Holy Spirit could do through a company of believers who were of one spirit and of one mind as on that historic day of Pentecost in Acts 2. This move was not about one yielded vessel or evangelist. It was a divine power manifested through the church. One key message spoken in this revival was, “Bend the church and save the world.”

Under the influence of this irresistible move of the Spirit, the weak had encounters which caused their spiritual eyes to see that Jesus had been slain for their offenses and raised again for their justification. They would cry out, “what must I do to be saved?!” They were powerfully cleansed by the blood of the Lamb. Even so, when the enthusiasm began to lift there were many who had depended on feelings and not yet learned to have their faith solidly established on the Word of God. Many of the intercessors began to realize that they had encountered and experienced great unspeakable joy in their redemption through Jesus, and yet they still needed the enduement of the Holy Spirit to receive the lasting power for service. It was shown to them that just as Jesus appeared to the disciples after the resurrection and they witnessed His ascension to the throne, there was that necessary empowerment needed when the Holy Spirit came on the 120 in that Upper Room. And when He came, He revealed to them the exalted and risen Savior at the right hand of the Father. Following this revelation, Rees and many intercessors then pressed toward a Holy Spirit filled and led intercessory prayer life. And the Holy Spirit responded and met Rees in a beautiful way. Any of you who have read about his life, know the rest of the story. It was a challenging, yet dynamic life of a surrendered intercessor.

Upon reading the account from Rees Howells Intercessor yet again, my heart is stirred, passion ignited and spiritual hunger increased. The intercessor in me is challenged to enter my prayer room, shut the door, ascend in worship to His throne room and intercede once again for our nation and the nations. For an awakening that will move beyond a momentary moment in history. One that will raise up believers to love and pursue the Lord in and beyond the revival anointing. A surrender that moves past emotion or superficial abandonment to life altering encounters with Him empowered by the Holy Spirit where wisdom and strategy are birthed toward taking His love into the cities and regions in which we live.

The truth is, entering into a deep place of intimate intercession does not happen without a committed prayer life. Yes, we are to pray without ceasing and there are definitely times in which intercession does occur on the spur of the moment leading and prompting. Most intercession takes place in set aside times of regular, committed worship and prayer. Meeting with Him, in His glorious presence, hearing His voice, hearing His heart for others, our cities, our regions and nations and interceding in agreement with His heart. This surrender is so worth the time. Prayer and intercession are not a chore. Intercession is a privilege, passion and joy.

Some of you reading this might be in a season where it feels as if your passion has waned. Or maybe you are tired and need a re-firing and refreshing. A prayer to pray is, “Holy Spirit make me willing to be willing. Wiling to engage again with You, to pray and intercede into those burdens You are entrusting to me. Lord give me the strength to move beyond weariness or discouragement. Ignite my heart once again. Cause an awakening to be ignited in the Church once more. Holy Spirit let the Church stir toward You again and not just for a moment in history, but in an awakening that leads to revival and a revival that births and sustains transformation.”

Pray for Us

In closing, I would like to ask that you intercede for our ministry. Greg and I leave tomorrow, May 2, for Washington D.C. where we will be actively praying for our nation on the National Day of Prayer. At this point in time, I cannot give further detail about this focus. Also, please intercede for another assignment that I am not able to give extensive details on yet, but can once it is completed. Over the next 5 weeks, there are 35 members of our prayer network who are engaging in a strategic assignment involving the nations of China, Germany and Russia. The China team’s focus will be May 6 – 20. The Germany team, May 25 – June 1, and the Russia teams, June 1 – June 7. Pray for

* Unity among the team members

* Last minute financial needs to be met

* Protection as we travel

* Protection in the nations as we pray

* For the Holy Spirit to anoint the teams in powerful ways

* For peace, joy and hiddenness as we move and pray in these nations

* For the strongholds of the enemy to be plundered

* An awakening, revival and transformation

* Blessings and favor as we partner with the Lord in this strategic time of nations aligning and realigning

We so appreciate your prayers for us as the Lord continues to open doors for us at a national and international levels. And if the Lord leads you, would you prayerfully consider financially Sowing into and partnering with us on this journey of strategic intercession in our nation and the nations. You make it possible for us to do all that the Lord has called us to do. It is awesome and humbling to partner with the Lord in this strategic time in history. God is moving!!!

Abundant Blessings in Him,


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