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The Nations are Calling

The year was 1992. My friend had purchased the book Rees Howells Intercessor for me as a gift. I noticed that every morning when reading a chapter in the book, the previous night I had dreamt what was unfolding in the pages of the book. Only in many of the dreams, I discovered it was me having the experiences that I would read in the book concerning Rees Howells and his journey in his calling as an intercessor. It was evident the Lord God was up to something, but I was uncertain of the fullness of what was transpiring.

One night I had a very vivid dream. Our oldest daughter, Kendall, was the age of two. She was sitting on a pier, feet dangling off the edge gazing down on the refreshing body of water below. I was watching her from the top of a hill and intuitively knew she was going to jump into that deep pond. I began shouting to two pregnant women who were to be watching her, but my cries of alarm went unheard, not noticed. I was deeply concerned because I knew she would not be able to keep herself afloat. I began to run down the hill toward the pier while shouting, “Kendall, baby, don’t jump!” But the temptation of the cool water proved too strong and eagerly she pushed herself off that pier.

Often the Lord will speak to us in a dream language that will be familiar. In my younger years, I had worked as a lifeguard, swim instructor, so the scene in this dream would definitely strike a core of understanding. I rushed to the end of the pier and without hesitation dove in after Kendall. My baby was sinking in that deep muddy water. But instead of being panicked, she locked eyes with mine. I noticed a distinct bright light, like the glory of the Lord, shining across her face. Even though she was sinking, Kendall was in total peace.

Because I had run so quickly, I was completely out of breath. One key that you learn with life-saving is you can’t save someone if you are drowning. No longer able to hold my breath, I quickly swam to the surface gulped in a deep breath of air and pulled myself under water to rescue my baby. It was the same scene as before. She was sinking with her hand outstretched toward mine and still at total peace.  As the tips of my fingers touched hers, she suddenly dropped out of view, into the depths of the muddy water. This startled me so much that I woke myself out of the dream, rushed into her room and swept her up out of her bed into my arms and began to weep while rocking her back and forth.

This dream was beyond real to me. I felt I had lived it.

For three days I ignored the Lord every time He nudged me to pick up the book and finish reading it. Finally, at the encouragement of my friend that this book and the life of Rees Howells somehow had something to do with my calling of intercession to the nations, I decided to keep reading.  I was nervous and questioned the Lord, “Lord are you going to tell me I have to give up my daughter? Am I about to lose her?” As I read the next chapter, I was not very encouraged. I discovered, that Rees and his wife, Elizabeth, were called to Africa to birth revival. They had a precious baby boy, Samuel. He was eight months old. The area in Africa where they would engage in mission work was too dangerous for a baby. Therefore, they gave Samuel to Rees’ Uncle and Aunt to raise during the ten-year period of living abroad. Now I was really disturbed. I sat in my prayer closet and wept.

“Lord, why did you give me this dream? Am I going to have to give up my child to go to the nations?”

The Lord spoke very clearly to me, “Becca, I am calling you to the nations.  Where I have called you, I have called your family. You will have more children. But I am asking you to lay Greg, Kendall and you future children on the altar and give them to me.”

My first thought was, “Here am I Lord, send Greg!” My second thought was, “What will people think? I am a woman. Everyone will label as a bad mother. Lord, can I wait until Kendall and my future children are 18?”

The Lord gently spoke, “Yes, you can. But, obedience is better than sacrifice. If you will step in and begin to move toward your calling now, it will provide a righteous inheritance for your children and the generations to come. It will produce a hunger in them for the nations. Don’t you know I love Kendall and your future children even more than you do? That I can take better care of them than you while you are in the nations. My grace is sufficient. The choice is yours.”

Weeping as I lay prostrate on the floor of my prayer closet, I laid Greg, Kendall and my future children at the feet of Jesus and said, “Here I am Lord, use me.”


I can honestly say that as I have stepped out in obedience to the Lord, He has been beyond faithful to His promise concerning Kendall and our other two beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Katie. Last year, the Lord made it clear that I was to make a visit to the Bible College of Wales and spend time in the prayer chapel. This is the ministry training school founded by Rees Howells where he led intercession that literally influenced history around the world. Greg and I scheduled a time in January to be there by ourselves for four days. It was a point of deep, personal revival and tangible moments of hearing clearly from the Lord concerning the direction we are to take in our ministry.

The Lord also directed us to take a group of leaders from our prayer network, SPAN, to pray in the Chapel at the Bible College. A group of us left on March 19th and we spent five glorious days there in Wales praying in the chapel at the Bible College and also Pisgah Chapel and Moriah Chapel where the Welch revival was initiated through Evan Roberts in the early 1900’s.  This trip was extremely impactful. The three days in intercession in the chapel and the famous blue room were life-altering. Really, beyond words.

One morning the Lord was moving so powerfully in the chapel prayer room while the team and I prayed for the nations that His glory began to rest on the school. Staff and student’s lefts their classes and jobs and joined in intercession for the nations for several hours. Thankfully one of our team members, Janet Douglas, felt led to record all of the prayer times. We will transcribe all the Lord said during those intense hours of glorious intercession for the nations.

The Lord orchestrated strong connections with the leaders of the Bible College. Please be in prayer over this because it appears they are now wanting me to begin teaching at the Bible college on intercessory prayer. The student body consists of men and women whom the Lord is calling to the nations to bring revival and transformation. I am humbled, honored, and excited about this opportunity.


Following this awesome time in the Lords presence, thirteen from SPAN traveled to Spain to be with Jose and Elba Lopez to pray with them in key cities and locations during Holy Week. This trip was historic. We continued to receive invitations behind closed doors to worship and masses that were not centered on the Lord at all, but on extensive blatant idol worship. We were able to pray from the inside for a new move of God, that idol worship would stop, for a harvest of souls, and for transformation to spring forth. There are so many details I could go into here, but for the sake of not being too lengthy I will suffice it to say that these were supernaturally orchestrated invitations to be at the right place at the right time to pray.

The star indicates where the earthquake occurred between Ibiza and Valencia two hours after we finished praying in both cities.

We also prayed on the island of Ibiza where they still to this day worship a goddess by the name of Tanit. There are caves which still house her ancient idolatrous figure and people come from all over the world to worship her. Without knowing, we arrived on the feast day of this dark entity. Upon our arrival a young family had just made their way to the caves. They had a beautiful two-year-old daughter who they had named Tanit. Yes, they named her after the ancient idol. They brought her to dedicate her at the altar of this demonic entity. Fortunately, the gate to that cave was closed and locked at this time. So there was no baby dedication that day! The team prayed at the caves and then we made our way to the town of Valencia. Two hours after we finished praying that night there was a 3.3 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Valencia that occurred directly between Ibiza and Valencia. This is not a normal location for an earthquake to occur. We most definitely took this as a sign that the worship to this entity has received a blow in the spirit realm, that the foundation of her occult worship is being shaken and that she is losing her hold on this region of Spain.

On April 1, we lead a night of worship and intercession for the nation in the city of Murcia at the Apostolic Center led by Jose and Elba Lopez. The glory presence came in a very tangible way. Many received deliverance, breakthrough, salvation and prophetic ministry of great encouragement. As many of you know, we have been traveling in and out of Spain since 2004 and love this nation and our dear Spanish friends. We are beginning the process of partnering with Jose and Elba in establishing and training up a strategic prophetic prayer army in the nation of Spain. We will begin launching this in the next few months.


Onto Aruba, China, Sri Lanka, Africa and Israel

As we look to schedule dates for my return to Wales to teach at the school in the fall, we are also preparing a team to go into Aruba, China, Sri Lanka, Africa, Israel and possibly France. The nations are calling. We cannot do this without our faithful partners such as yourself. Will you prayerfully consider contributing to all of these new open doors of opportunity that are presenting themselves?
As the demands of ministry increase, so does the need for staff and resources to do all the Lord is calling us to do. We would be deeply appreciative of those who feel led to co-labor with us on a monthly basis as well.


If you would like to give on a monthly basis or give a one-time donation you can go to,, or you can mail a check in the return envelope to:


Christian Harvest International Ministries

11605 Meridian Market View

Suite 124 PMB 158

Falcon, CO 80831


Peter Wagner once told me that we are living in the most strategic time in the history of Christianity among the nations of the world. We agree and are so honored and privileged to be moving forward in our nation and the nations to see His kingdom made known. Our hearts are for Jesus to be made famous in the hearts of peoples and transformation made known in the lands of the earth.


In His Abundant Love,

Greg and Becca

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