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Testimony Overseas!

This month has been an effective time for all that the Lord has called us to. I have traveled to Montana, Scotland, New Jersey, Mississippi, Wales and London. I can honestly say we had an awesome time at the Bible College of Wales. This is the college founded by Rees Howells in 1924. This is my third time there since January of this year. Our team experienced and witnessed God move in amazing ways. It was a time of soaking, intimacy with the Lord, intercession for Wales and the nations. I was also beyond honored and privileged to receive an invitation to teach an evening course while there.

Testimony of Jordan!
It is hard to share all that transpired, but one day was beyond words and supernatural in a way that only He can orchestrate. We felt the Lord leading us to visit, worship and intercede at Blaenannerch, the chapel where Evan Roberts in an abandoned cry of surrender shouted, “Bend me Lord!”  We experienced the Lord’s presence in a beautiful, deep way which brought each of us into a place of revived surrender and desire for awakening. The worship time and intercession for Wales and the nations was transformational.
Following this time, we knew the Lord was directing us to pray for awakening and breakthrough in the land of the mountainous region of Preselau. It is an ancient occult site of druid worship and the location where the stones were removed to form Stonehenge. It is scientifically proven that the earth in this region vibrates as a different frequency than any other locations in the world and it produces a rare sound, along with producing rare stones called the Blue Stones.
We huddled in a circle on the high place all kneeling and laying hands on the land.  We worshipped, prophesied God’s new purpose and amplified sound to bring a harvest into the land and broke the occult power of Lilith and death from the land. As we completed our time of intercession, I noticed a young man approaching had been speaking to Roy and Adrain, the pastors who had driven us to this location. He then began to approach the team. To explain the supernatural orchestration of this encounter, I must explain we were out in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains. Therefore, having someone approach us for a conversation would not be a normal nor expected occurrence.
He asked us what we were doing. I explained worshipping and praying to Jesus. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He responded, “I don’t think that I do.” I inquired of his name and we learned it is Jordan. He explained that He heard us shouting and worshipping as we were on assignment in the land. He shared he had been in a car wreck three days prior. His car was totaled, but he walked away unscathed. To make his way home which was over 2 ½ hours away, he had to buy a new car. Yet, he could not get a peace to leave the area. All morning he had walked a 3-hour trek in the mountains seeking the Lord for direction in his life asking to hear His voice and guidance. His life being spared in what could have been a fatal car crash had gotten his attention. After his lengthy walk he sat in the valley directly below the mountain top we landed on to worship and pray. He heard us, but he explained it sounded like hundreds of people not just eight. So out of curiosity he came to see what was occurring. He shared that he knew Roy and Adriane and had visited their church 3 times but had left.
Once again, I shared that we were praying and worshipping Jesus and asked if he wanted to know Jesus. Ten minutes later, this young man named Jordan received salvation. We knew this was a prophetic sign of a new day. Jordan is symbolic of crossing over into a new season. We know that Jordan’s salvation was a manifestation of a new season of harvest in the land known as the land of revival.  He is 24, a musician. On a mountain known for its unique frequency of sounds a new soul to release a sound of praise and worship entered heaven’s sound.  There were eight of us on the team which means new beginnings. All of this occurred after our time the church where Evan Roberts had his encounter with the Lord that sparked the revival in Wales. Even typing this I am undone by God’s goodness today!

Obedience Brings Breakthrough to the Harvest
This was a beyond wonderful and supernatural time for me and our team.  I am always electrified when God does these things.  Out of our obedience to pray where God directed us, He brought another soul into His Kingdom and manifestation of what He is doing now in this land.  There is no comparison to the signs, wonder and miracles we are privileged to encounter when we are obedient and listen to His voice.  How can this not become addictive?  One young man’s life is changed because we choose to go and pray. For each of you reading this, I believe it is a time of harvest. A time to see our Lord’s glory released in our lives and the dark world around us. As I travel and minister in our nation and the nations of the world, I see such an acceleration of His Spirit as we step out in obedience to Him.  Whether He is calling you to lead people to Christ, pray over regions, give guidance in a feeding program, believe for the salvation of your family, work in government, business etc.… our prayer is that this testimony will envision and empower to follow through in the purpose God implanted in you to change your sphere of influence.
We pray CHI is a blessing to you and that you will be able to see His activity in your life today!

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In His Love,
Greg and Becca

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