“We had Becca Greenwood in Ohio teaching the spiritual warfare school and every time she was in town we would invite her to local churches. At one service, we saw several miracles, signs and wonders. We saw legs grow out where one was shorter than the other and bent-over woman stand up and walk!”  —April

“In 2011 I was having an issue with a heel spur in my right heel. It had been hurting so badly that I couldn’t walk around without shoes on. When I experienced issues with that heel in 2006-2007, I was told by my physician that the reason was because I had no fatty pad on my heel. He did a CT scan and showed me the x-ray as proof. But on a Sunday morning in 2011, Becca prayed for me and I felt heat on my lower leg abd foot. As I sat in the service the pain began to go away! 

When I got home I took my shoes off to test it out. I was able to walk barefoot on the tile floor without any pain! 

But more than that, my heel felt different. I had my husband check out both heels to see if he saw or felt a difference. He confirmed what I was sensing: There was now a fatty pad on my right heel where none had been there before! God had done a creative miracle that day!” —Donna

“There have been so many prophetic words from Becca that have come to pass that I would have to look at my notes to remember them all, but she prophesied that Phyllis Anderson would be Chief. And in 2015 Becca talked about Mississippi flushing out its corruption and it having to go through Alabama. Now, we have Alabama working with us.” —Dixie

“As a Christian working in a professional level in city government, I have had the unique opportunity to exercise my faith in varied and unique ways including on-site prayer watches, leadership on an employer sanctioned Christian employee group and prayer and encouragement to city and elected leaders. Becca recognized early on that there would be an elevated role for me in government at an elected level.  This was beyond the grasp of my natural mind as I was merely a civil servant, but my spirit heard the word and it was independently confirmed by other prophetic voices of those I am connected to and trust. After I retired from my job, I began to get involved in my local city. Becca held a conference at my church in February 2016 and she was prophesying over the state and suddenly called out my name three times and said, ‘you will run your race and you will win!’ In that moment, my fear and disbelief disappeared. I knew there was a legitimate call on my life for this. I fully embraced the prophetic word and on July 2, 2018 I was appointed to fill a vacant city council seat after going through a competitive selection process. I have a campaign to run for an election in 2019 but I believe that there will be a complete fulfillment of the prophetic word.” —Laura