Your Kingdom Come

Your Kingdom Come


Preparing for Basic, Prophetic & Strategic Level Intercession

Scripture is clear about the Father's desire to be in relationship with His children. One way to do that is to effectively enter into prayer and intercession. In this way, we learn to recognize His heart, hear His voice that gives instructions on how to accomplish that goal. It is a roadmap to discovering His will as we are drawn into intimate communion with Him. Learning how to establish a partnership with Him transforms us into His image. As we become closer to Him through prayer and intercession, we discover the knowingness that comes with having the mind of Christ, as well as living a Spirit-led life.

Your Kingdom Come is a collection of three basic intercession strategies:

  • Book 1: Encourage to Intercede teaches the basics of prayer and intercession.
  • Book 2: Prophetic Intercession assists the intercessor in discovering the wonderful and beautiful ways Holy Spirit teaches and guides.
  • Book 3: Strategic Warfare Intercession gives instruction on how to wage war against the satanic powers of this world and also to recover our inheritance from the Father.

What people are saying about this product:

“It is a great teaching tool! I have used it several times. I really appreciate how you explain the differences of and transition between prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare. You are an excellent teacher, Becca, with a gift for delivering an orderly message that people receive.” – Karen Lusby

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