Breaking the Bonds of Evil Book & DVD Bundle

Breaking the Bonds of Evil Book & DVD Bundle


How to Set People Free from Demonic Oppression

Deliverance is a powerful demonstration of God’s authority over darkness, but if we do not identify and close up points of entry for demonic activity, we leave ourselves and those to whom we minster open to even more serious attack.

Using established biblical patterns for deliverance, along with experiences from more than twenty years in deliverance ministry, Rebecca Greenwood seeks to equip pastors, deliverance ministers and any Christian wanting to minister more effectively in this area. At the same time, she imparts both knowledge and hope to those in need of deliverance themselves.

Breaking The Bonds of Evil reminds us that setting the captives free is at the center of God’s heart.

In the video and audio series Rebecca teaches the foundational points from her book and gives personal insight into deliverance. She teaches how to diagnose demons, how to minister prophetically in a ministry setting, and how to form a ministry team. She leads you through the process of seeing freedom come to those trapped in bondage to walk a life of victory.

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