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Entering 2018

On all accounts, 2017 has been busy, yet extraordinary. Our daughter, Rebecca, married Justin Anderson on July 7. It was a beautiful wedding and we are thrilled for the newlyweds as they begin their new life together. Rebecca also graduates from college on Saturday, December 9 with a degree in education. Both grandmothers will join us as we celebrate this special occasion. Kendall, Associate Editor of Denver Life Magazine, and her husband Kole, Art Director at Layer3 TV, continue to excel in their careers. They also have launched, Amidst, an Instagram fashion blog which has reached over 18,000 followers. Go to on Instagram to check it out and follow! Katie is close to completing her college degree in special education. Her heart’s desire is to work with autistic children. She works for an organization called HIPPY, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, and for us part time. She is amazing with a great heart of compassion. We love that she works with us and will be traveling more on ministry trips when her schedule permits.

Watershed Moment of History

Shifting from a personal note, I think we would all agree we are in a watershed moment of history in America, the nations and the Church at large. We are witnessing exposure of unprecedented corruption and perversion in in the media, Hollywood and government. American politics has plummeted into an absurd level of drama and the media adds fuel to the fire as the instigator of much of the turmoil. Our President continues to stand with Israel as historic talks and events occur between our two nations. In North Korea, we are witnessing the uprising of the dictator, Kim Jung Un. In my personal prayer time, I firmly believe that the prayers of the persecuted church in North Korea, those of the believers in South Korea and the world have reached into the throne room of heaven, the bowls are full of the prayers of the saints and they are beginning to tip. The time of freedom is coming for those held captive by North Korea. I am praying for North and South Korea to become one. The future of our nation and the nations is hanging in the balance. It is a defining moment and we feel strongly that now is not the time to shrink back.

Christian Harvest in 2017

This leads me to share about Christian Harvest and what we are seeing on a ministry level. We have ministered extensively throughout our nation and also in prophetic/strategic conferences in Aruba, Scotland, Amsterdam, London, Germany and Russia.

We spent much of the beginning of 2017, preparing and leading prayer initiatives into China, Germany and Russia which occurred in May. We had a total of nine teams and hundreds of intercessors praying throughout this strategic focus. To be honest is was quite the assignment!

The Lord led us to pray concerning the roots of communism that have impacted the world. Tangible measurable results have been seen, with testimonies; too numerous to share in this newsletter. Here are just a few quick praise reports: salvations, exposure of corruption, anti-corruption marches in Russia, corrupt financial structures that stem back to communism beginning to be exposed and starting to unravel, persecuted believers in Russia released from prison, the further spreading of a move of God in Russia that has gained ever more momentum. Woohoo!

In August, I also led a strategic assignment in Washington D.C. as a part of the Awaken the Dawn and Rise Up events.

I will say this assignment was a demarcation in the spirit. So many testimonies to share! I will take a moment to highlight the focus at the Open Society, a business owned by George Soros. We specifically prayed that perversion and corruption would be fully exposed and brought to light into all the spheres he has funded whether it be media, government, Hollywood, business, banking, etc. And friends, since our initiative in May and this assignment in August we have seen this begin.

More importantly, it is our belief that these areas of perversion/corruption which are being exposed are a result of prayer that has occurred by many intercessors and believers who are faithfully standing in the gap. While it is unnerving to see the exposure and shaking, it is time to repent for what we are witnessing, cry out for awakening and to move forward in building in a way to see His kingdom made known in our cities, nation and the nations. I believe the Lord is calling each of us to an altar of consecration encounter at a personal and corporate level. It is a season of a new depth of surrender. As one preacher famously stated in the Welch revival, “Bend the Church and save the World.” Many are experiencing a season of being shaken and pressed. There is a lot of transition occurring right now. The good news is this season is designed so the latter glory will be greater than the former. It is time for a holiness and truth movement; a surrendered, transforming work birthed from glory encounters with Him that will stir the church, peoples and nations. I (Becca) am hearing clearly in the spirit the new sound of the cadence of the Ekklesia marching toward a new day and season as we press through in the days ahead.

Advancing into 2018

Moving into 2018, we are specifically seeking the Lord over all that He is calling us to. We firmly believe it is no longer church or business as usual. No more casual Christianity. For two months now, the Lord has continually stirred me (Becca) awake during the early morning and late-night hours. Many hours spent in intercession over the direction He has for us to move into as a ministry this year and beyond. To keep in time and aligned with His purposes, we personally have planned a 5 day getaway to spend time seeking Him for further clarity as we move forward in the ministry vision. For us this will be our altar of consecration, first fruits time of dedication to Him for 2018. It is our heart’s desire to know His best blueprint plan for us. We feel the following will be our focus.

1. Partnering through Prophecy, Intercession and Warfare Strategies in the Nations.

In November, while attending and ministering at the Global Prophetic Summit in Dallas, Texas, Cindy Jacobs released this prophetic word over me (Becca) and the ministry.

“Daughter, you have been teaching spiritual warfare but it’s the school of the prophets. You’re moving into a new season.

I’m even giving you a new identity. For you have said, everything’s been done about the prophetic, but the Lord says, it’s prophetic, strategic warfare. You must teach people to strategize. You must teach them how to use their gifts, to be the eyes of the Lord to see what is broken about nations in order to bring transformation. It’s nothing like you’ve ever received.”

In 2018 and beyond, in response to this word, much of our focus will be to bring hope, prophetic words, prophetic/warfare strategies and kingdom blueprints of discipleship and transformation to cities, regions and nations. And to partner with and empower broken communities for breakthrough. Invitations have been extended to us from Spain, Scotland, Ireland, London, Wales, Aruba, China, Amsterdam, Germany, Russia, Sri Lanka, Israel, Mexico, Romania and Australia. The request being for us to bring exactly what the Lord released through this prophetic word. Please pray that as we seek the Lord we will hear His timing and direction for each location. We will also be leading teams from our network into Wales, Spain and Israel. Pray the provision for these trips will be made available. We are especially excited about the team who will go to Wales because everything we do stems from the call to intimate intercession. Together as a leadership team we want to spend time at the historic Bible College established by Rees Howells. Time together in the prayer room and prayer garden to receive fresh impartation, anointing and direction. We will then head to Spain to partner with our dear friends Jose and Elba Lopez to see further breakthrough come to this land. On the final day we will meet with leaders and prophets from across Spain and that night lead prophetic worship and intercession open to the nation.

2. Equip/ Raise up/Send out Teams through Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN)

The prayer network is an amazing group of men and women sold out to the Lord, full of passion and faith to strategize, pray and intercede for transformation. We are over 260 members strong and continue to grow. Suffice it to say that this network is effective in their prophetic, strategic warfare assignments with measurable, tangible results as a common occurrence. Simultaneous Regional Transformation Spiritual Warfare Schools are being taught in Indiana, Mississippi and Arizona. Our annual conference in August was awesome with Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Lance Wallnau and Anthony Turner leading worship. We are thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated online Regional Transformation Spiritual Warfare School is now available. Go to to check it out–Thank you Brandon Larson! The first two modules of training are online; the third module being an in-person 3-day training with me teaching, building relationship and an onsite prayer journey. On a side note, I just contracted with Destiny Image, the new book is titled Glory Warfare. It is imperative that we know how to receive prophetic strategy, intercede and engage in warfare prayer from His presence in the glory realm.

3.Christian Harvest Training Center

This year we slowly began to launch a vision that has been in our hearts for many years. To equip believers into their calling and destiny. With our extensive background in Wagner Leadership Institute, a passion has formed to continue this type of training, discipleship and mentoring. The first weekend training titled “The Voice” was led by Jareb and Petra Nott on December 2nd and 3rd. We will continue to meet in 2018. We plan to have one weekly gathering on a weeknight with weekend trainings approximately every 6 to 8 weeks for more in-depth discipleship. Check out the website:

4. Engage Mentoring

In April, we hosted an Engage mentoring event in response to the numerous mentoring requests from people in our travels. Many people were greatly impacted. It is our plan to move forward with an online mentoring platform with at least one in-person event next year. This will focus toward those who are looking for a place to receive equipping into

who they are called to be; to further impact leaders and the next generation. Look for further news as we launch Engage!

5. Deliverance

Jareb and Petra Nott are now leading the deliverance arm of Christian Harvest. We are grateful for their heart and anointing to see people set free and transformed. They are doing a wonderful job leading this portion of the ministry with great effectiveness, organization and anointing! This year, we have been able to secure a small office space for deliverance sessions, staff meetings and a training area that will seat approximately 50 to 60 people.

In Closing…

While we are absolutely excited to embark with the Lord on the journey He has ahead for us, it does not come without cost. With the calling and potential to see transformation there also comes an increase in resistance from the forces of darkness. We certainly have felt the warfare in the recent days and are very aware of the need to continue with strong prayer support and coverage. Our intercessors are amazing!

Tiffany Thompson has served our ministry with a spirit of excellence the past two years. She is now transitioning out of this job, to attend college to receive a degree in government. We love her dearly and celebrate with her in this season as she moves toward her passion and calling! Now we are looking to identify those who will step into working with us in this next season. It is our desire to bless those who the Lord brings to work alongside us on a daily basis. This year, we have carried more financially than any other time in the ministry. And the Lord has proven Himself beyond faithful. Financial partnership is what makes what we do possible. Through the faithful partnership of friends, (many of you), we have been able to accomplish much.

We are eager to finish strong this year. If you are able to help us with a generous end of the year gift it would be so appreciated. Maybe some of you are willing to help sustain us with monthly gifts of $30, $50, $100 or more. Our minimum target needed for all that is approaching for us to fulfill in 2018 is $50,000. This will position us to hire the staff we need, to maintain our website and online presence, and will begin to make the way for us to partner with the nations that the Lord is calling us to strategize with.

To give online click here to Donate.

Or you can write a check payable to Christian Harvest International and mail it to:

Christian Harvest International Ministries
11605 Meridian Market View Ste.
Suite 124 PMB 158
Falcon, CO 80831

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in partnering with us.

Lastly, we want to say we are grateful. The year marks the 12th year of operation as Christian Harvest International Ministries. We can truly say as we type this newsletter, that we are undone and thankful for all the Lord has done.

He is a great and awesome God. It is our privilege to serve Him on this kingdom adventure of empowering generations for transformation in the nations of the world.

Have a beautiful, Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

In His Steadfast Love,

Greg and Becca

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