Christian Harvest International is launching an online mentoring program with two tracks designed for an individual growing in their identity as a Kingdom Influencer. Mentorship is important at all levels of spiritual and leadership growth, it is biblical, and here at CHI we approach it with a clear and overt Christian-Biblical perspective. Our engage MENTORSHIP tracks are all about investing in building Godly leaders that walk full of faith in their Identity, internally and outwardly, and to bring God’s Kingdom.

Mentorship, to give and receive “Godly counsel”, each member must have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit through a personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ. Our desire is to apostolically encourage vision and strategy that is being released into Kingdom Influencers who will choose to allow it to multiply bringing spiritual & social transformation. We no longer are geographically bound, through today’s technology we can engage locally and nationally. This is our time to move forward in true Kingdom purposes and we are so excited for you to be a part!

ENGAGE Mentorship